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Welcome to old NetBeans Performance Team's site. Redirecting to wiki...

You can find various information related to computational performance, startup time, memory footprint, perceived performance (UI responsiveness) and scalability of NetBeans IDE here. If you are interested in specific information you did not find here, let us know on mailing list. Don't forget to put the keyword "performance" in the mail subject. Let us also know if you want to help make NetBeans performance better. We would definitely appreciate if community members would like to work with us.

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To see what we are doing for improving NetBeans performance, go to our wiki pages:



List of open performance issues
(marked with PERFORMANCE keyword in Issuezilla)

UI Responsiveness

Memory footprint

General tips, tricks, how-tos and articles

NetBeans performance presentation and articles

Project Features

About this Project

Performance was started in November 2009, is owned by tpavek, and has 91 members.
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